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Kurt and Melanie invite you to join them for their all new programme, 'Insight Live', Tuesdays 9pm UK time, to take a look at and discuss encouraging, challenging and exciting things Christians are doing and facing in the UK and around the world.

Revelation TV (any times shown are UK times)

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Insight Live - Man Up To Infertility

Join Kurt and Melanie on Insight Live as they interview Dr. Peter Roscoe on his newly released book: Man Up To Infertility.

Insight Live - Spiritual Gifts

Join Kurt and Melanie as they take a challenging and encouraging look at spiritual gifts. Do we know what our gift is, are we using it, are we growing in it and ...

Insight Live - Embrace Your Journey

How should we respond when God calls us on a journey that is beyond our comfort zone, ability and experience? How should we react when the storms of life hit us ...

Insight Live - Is Living Online Satisfying?

Join Kurt and Melanie on Insight Live as they answer the question 'Is living online satisfying?' Could you live a satisfying life online? Could you feel God's p ...

Insight Live - How to Connect with the Younger Generations

Join Kurt and Melanie this week on Insight Live as they interview Nick & Marjorie Allen on their book: The XYZ of Discipleship: Understanding and Reaching Gener ...

Insight Live - The Fragrance of Love

Join Kurt and Melanie on Insight Live for an inspirational programme on 'smelling' our best for Christ and for the world. What kind of fragrance are we spreadin ...

Insight Live - A New Look at Pregnancy and Abortion

Kurt & Melanie interview Dr. Mark Houghton and Dr. Esther L�thy on their book: Pregnancy & Abortion - A Practical Guide to Making Decisions.

Insight Live - What is Real Love?

We hear a lot about spending time with God, loving God, giving our life for God but what about spending time with our neighbour, loving our neighbour and even g ...

Insight Live - Jesus in Focus

Kurt and Melanie interview Iona Rossely, Former British Speed Ski Champion on her book Racing on Empty and how she uses her skills to focus on Jesus.

Insight Live - Facing Controlling Relationships

How do you deal with controlling people in your life? Join Kurt and Melanie on Insight Live along with a panel of experts as they discuss how to overcome contro ...

Insight Live - The Upside of Failure

What would your life look like if you didn't fear failure so much? Kurt and Melanie interview doctor and author Caris Grimes and discuss her book, Failing Intel ...

Insight Live - When Your Children Are Turned Against You

Join Kurt and Melanie as they discuss ways in which God can heal people who are victims of parental alienation.
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