God Day - You are the Salt of the Earth

13 Sep 2022
You are the salt and light of the world. You are encouraged to evangelize and win souls for the Kingdom of God


God Day - How God Works In Our Lives

There is always a tension between God's Sovereign Will and our freewill. The Bible is clear, God's sovereign will, will come to pass and we can choose or declin ...

God Day - Be Anxious about nothing

God says we shouldn't worry or be anxious about anything. Let's take care of His business and He will take care of ours.

God Day - What is Your Life

Consider life's days. All too brief with deeds all too futile and meaningless if we only have a here and now Earthly perspective. Join Regan King for a walk-thr ...

God Day - The Armour of God

In these evil times it is essential that we stand firm in the Lord and do not compromise our faith to the spirit of the world. The Lord is seeking those whose h ...

God Day - Yemi Balogun 58 - Upon Mount Zion, there shall be Deliverance

Yemi is teaching here that Mount Zion is a place of total deliverance. But it is what one does after that determines the benefits of the deliverance.

God Day - What are you Waiting for

What are you waiting for? And what do we do while we wait? These are the questions Nikki will be asking in this God Day as she looks into trusting in God for hi ...

God Day - God´s Flat Pack

Join Simone on God Day as she looks at how God has a plan and design for our life.

God Day - The King

The Kings of this Earth are given by God and there is a Biblical principle of submission. But what about when those same kings are corrupt? Thankfully we have a ...

God Day - The Pirates of Cilicia

Join Derek as He shares about the war between the Romans and Pirates in 63 BC, which gives the background to 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, which talks about the weapons ...

God Day - The Children’s Bread is Not for Dogs

Yemi is drawing our attention to the fact that the Kingdom of God comes first in all we do. By the scriptures, he is explain that we must be more generous towar ...

God Day - Seeing Gods strength in the midst of Our Weakness

Simone looks at how God works through our weaknesses and flaws, to show His Glory and strength in our lives and how we need to depend totally on Him always.

God Day - Loving Our Enemies

Jesus tells us to love our enemies - but who are our enemies and how do we do love them? Nikki explores what it means to love our enemies and how we can practic ...
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