God Day - Working out from the Inside

02 Aug 2022
We need to focus on building up our inner man. It is where we get our true strength. Join Sylvia on this God Day.


God Day - What is Psalm 27 teaching us

Yemi is challenging us through Psalm 27, asking us, Why are we afraid, when God has given onto us these exceeding great and precious promises?

God Day - The Good Things in Life

It's not only the bad things in life that shape us but the good things as well. Are we taking advantage of the good things in life God has given us and their ab ...

God Day - God’s Will in Authority - Romans 13

Join Regan King as he discusses the importance of authority and submitting to God as the first authority in our lives. Romans 13.

God Day - Can the Devil Operate or Speak through a Christian

Yemi is using this message to explain the fact that the devil can use even fellow Christians against one another and the will of God.

God Day - We are Not Ashamed

Join Pastor Paul Lyndon Burtwell, as he discusses the power of the Gospel and the dramatic effect it has on people's lives today.

God Day - Strengthening your Core

Are you allowing others to make decisions for you or maybe you are over concerned about other people and get enmeshed living their life instead of living your o ...

God Day - Letting Go of Fear

What kind of a person would you be if you let go of your fears, phobias and anxieties? Most of us learn to live with them and never enter the fullness of life G ...

God Day - Moving on to Spiritual Maturity

All Christians, if they are to be useful to God, need to move from being a spiritual babe in Christ, through spiritual adolescence and onto spiritual maturity

God Day - How Are Your Roots

Just as plants and trees rely on a strong root system to keep them alive and healthy, so too as believers in Christ, we need the strength of a good root system ...

God Day - Insecurity

It's worrying you are not good enough or not liked by others. But we shouldn't measure our worth and security by other people when God thinks we are good enough ...

God Day - You are the Salt of the Earth

You are the salt and light of the world. You are encouraged to evangelize and win souls for the Kingdom of God

God Day - Changing your Story

All 12 spies who went into the Promised Land wanted the same thing, saw the same thing but upon returning told two different stories about the same event. Join ...
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