God Day - Your Character can ruin Your Destiny… And Others

28 Jun 2022
Yemi is drawing our attention to the fact that we need to be mindful of our character, so we don't our destiny and others coming behind us. He implores us to allow the fruit of the Spirit to be manife


God Day - Jealousy

Nikki looks at the nature of Jealousy - what it is, where is stems from, what the Bible says about it and practical ways we can fight against it.

God Day - The Power Of Guidance

In this devotion, Kurt shows us that good guidance in the Bible is not just 'good advice' but it is personal, powerful and productive. You will never see guidan ...

God Day - Trapped in Your Thinking

What does it take to change, to escape thinking and perspectives that destroy your life and distance you from the life that God has planned. What will you do to ...

God Day - When Revival Fell

Join Pastor Paul Lyndon Burtwell as he shares his experiences of Revival and the lessons and principles we can learn from a God sent outpouring.

God Day - No Conspiracy Against You Will Stand

Yemi is encouraging us to be focused on God and His plans for our lives and not be distracted by naysayers. The Russians have a saying, 'Let the dogs keep barki ...

God Day - Coping with the Pressures of Life

In Colossians chapter 3 Paul develops a theology of work based around the concept of working for Christ which can be applied to modern life.

God Day - Keep on Keeping on

Yemi is encouraging us here to continue to do the things of the Kingdom of God, without slacking, because God is a Rewarder of they that diligently seek Him.

God Day - Gods Plan

Nikki has always stood on Jeremiah 29:11 and has seen this come to fruition, so she shares her testimony on how God has revealed his plan for her life.

God Day - Working out from the Inside

We need to focus on building up our inner man. It is where we get our true strength. Join Sylvia on this God Day.

God Day - The Four Visions

Join Pastor Paul Lyndon Burtwell as he shares with us the four visions of John Chapter 9. In this encouragement, Paul will reveal the Biblical key to spiritual ...

God Day - God Remembers Me

Have you felt God has forgotten you when you're wondering through a deserted place in your life. Know God is with us even when we feel like we're in the desert ...

God Day - Wake up and Trust God

Today, Hugh Jackman echoes a thought from the heart of God, designed to stir up our trust in God.
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