28 Jul 2021
This message by Barry Segal delivers an understanding of why 'Good Works' are a form of worship unto the Lord


God Day - Moving on to Spiritual Maturity

All Christians, if they are to be useful to God, need to move from being a spiritual babe in Christ, through spiritual adolescence and onto spiritual maturity

God Day - What Fruit are you Growing

In Paul's letter to the Galatian Church he tells them about the Fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness ...

God Day - Jealousy

Nikki looks at the nature of Jealousy - what it is, where is stems from, what the Bible says about it and practical ways we can fight against it.

God Day - The Rewards of Confidence

Confidence is the degree to which we think and feel our actions will achieve positive results. God rewards confidence and urges us not to 'throw' it away. Kurt ...

God Day - There is a Way Ahead

When you think the road has ended, there seems no way out of a situation or no way forward through your 'impossible', God has a way of providing an unexpected

God Day - Encourage Yourself

Have you ever experienced a lapse in your faith? A time when your faith was put to the test, and you found yourself on the bottom looking and reaching up?

God Day - No Wilderness, No Promotion

In order to succeed in our Christian walk, we must experience the wilderness. The wilderness toughens you for the job ahead. A higher level of anointing comes o ...

God Day - Finding Hope

There seems to be severe shortage of hope in our world right now. How does Jesus deal with a troubled heart? Is it ok to not feel ok sometimes? How can Hearts f ...

God Day - Change of Heart

Join Sylvia as she shares how God can turn your life around in an instant and asks what will it take before you have a change of heart?

God Day - Who is God the Father

In this God Day Nikki will be using scriptures to help us get to know God and understand and love him as a Father.

God Day - You Have More Than You Can Imagine

Imagine if you had unlimited power to touch people's lives. Perhaps you do... If Jesus said greater things will you do than I have done, what is holding you bac ...

God Day - From Fear to Encouragement

Kurt shows us how we can move from fear to encouragement, in order to live our best lives even in the worst of times.
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