Why overturning Roe V Wade is a spiritual turning point in the US

In this week’s Behind The Headlines, we will be discussing last week’s historic and brave decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade Federal Abortion Laws that have been in place for nearly fifty years. 


Despite the massive liberal backlash to the ending of Roe v Wade and the prospect that this has energised the Democrat support base for the mid- term elections in November this has been a massive victory for evangelical Christians. 


The historical decision to overturn America’s Federal laws regarding abortion is not the end of abortions in America but has been delegated to state level where states decided to allow or ban abortions. What it does mean is now in conservative state’s abortion can now be outlawed for the first time in nearly fifty. 


This ruling will mean that millions of babes in the US, will have a chance to live now and it can start the process of spiritual healing in America, as the shedding of innocent blood for convenience brings a curse upon the land. There is now hope for America and for Christian values and virtutes to succeed against the onslaught of secular human liberalism. 


Please join us for this week special edition of Behind the Headlines on Tonight at 9pm, where will be discussing the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court to end Federal abortions in America. 


29 Jun 2022

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