Messianic Believers and the Holocaust

In this week’s edition of the Middle East Report, we will be joined my Australian Christian historian Kelvin Crombie from Church’s Ministry Among Jewish people CMJUK on his latest investigative books. In this programme we will be discussing what happened to Messianic Jews in the Holocaust or called at the time Hebrew Christians. 


In the summer of 2019 Kelvin travelled extensively throughout Europe to discover what happened to Jewish believers in Yeshua during the Nazi occupation of Europe. Did they suffer and were they sent to the be gassed in the Nazi Death Camps? 


We will be asking in this programme what did happen to the Messianic believers during the Holocaust and who were these individuals? 


Please join us on Tonight at 9pm to discover the truth of what happened to Europe’s Messianic Community during the Holocaust? 

01 Jul 2022

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