Justice United - How you can Help Stop Modern Slavery

Sadly, in the 21st century international slavery still exists in the form of forced labour, child exploitation, criminal exploitation, forced marriage and sex trafficking. 

50 million people worldwide are in modern slavery. 28 million people around the world are trapped in forced labour.  They work in unbearable conditions, are violently abused and denied food, wages and medicine.  

Poverty and the lack of protection through effective justice systems are at the heart of slavery and exploitation.  

People can become trapped in making our clothes, picking our crops and working in factories. They can be forced to become sex workers or work in houses as cooks, cleaners or nannies. 

What does the Bible say about looking after the poor and needy? 

How does modern slavery and forced labour impact our day to day lives?

What can we do to help stop modern slavery an protect people from violent exploitation? 

These questions will be discussed and answered on The Late Show at 9pm on Thursday. Howard and Nikki will be talking about Justice United - an initiative put together by three Christian charities: International Justice Mission UK (IJM), Tearfund and Compassion UK.
The idea of the initiative is to engage churches and communities to take positive action against exploitation by hosting fundraising events in relation to the current World Cup. 

To find out more you can visit: www.justiceunited.org.uk

The Late Show will be live and interactive so do get involved in the programme by sending in your views and opinions and sharing your experiences of fighting injustices and fundraising efforts.

23 Nov 2022

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