Join Nikki at 9pm on Saturday for Best Bits of the Week

There will be lots of inspiring clips to be seen during this episode; a testimony of a first encounter with Jesus was shared on The Twilight Zone, Gordon and Lorna teach us how God can calm the storms in our lives and the Bible Study team read from Psalm 1 verse 3. 


Politics was a popular topic across our programmes this week.  Howard and Yemi were debating if Christians should be involved in Politics on The Late Show while Simon and Regan on Behind The Headlines were talking about the process of voting in America and if Trump’s 2024 Presidential bid had been derailed. 

Of course a clip from our special monthly programme Time For Revelation will also feature as well as a familiar face who returned to R Mornings this week, tune into Best Bits to find out who!

Make sure to tell a friend they will be able to see the highlights of this week’s Revelation TV on Best Bits of the Week - Saturday 9pm, repeated Sunday at 1pm. 

18 Nov 2022

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