Join Nikki at 9pm TONIGHT for Best Bits of The Week

Join Nikki at 9pm TONIGHT for Best Bits of The Week!


A mix of topics were covered over the programmes on Revelation TV this week; Cy & Dr Grady were talking about Faith in Australia on Q&A, Simon & Alistair were discussing Globalist Policies on Politics Today while the guest on the Twilight Zone highlighted the Persecution of Christians in Nigeria.


We also gained valuable, practical advice from Lunchtime Live, Insight Live and Church Without Walls on how to evangelise and pray together. All this and lots more coming up on Best Bits tonight!

What was your favourite programme? What programme were you blessed by? Did The Holy Spirit speak to you through a certain presenter? Don’t forget you can leave your comments on our Social Media pages: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Just log in and search ‘Revelation TV’ and you’ll find us!

Tune in tonight at 9pm to find out if YOUR Best Bit of the Week made it into the programme.

25 Jun 2022

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