Has our government given up on Brexit

In this week’s edition of Politics Today, we will be discussing has our government given up on Brexit as the chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement failed to provide financial backing to create a low tax economy and a hub for innovation. This combined with a story published in the Sunday Times this week that senior government ministers are planning to create a Swiss-Style relationship with the European Union. 


This comes as Jeremy Hunt signalled that the government intended to break with Boris Johnson’s approach and remove most trade barriers with the EU. To accomplish this, it would require us moving to a Swiss-Style relationship with the EU. The Swiss model is based upon them having access to the single market, through a series of bilateral agreements. This involves the Swiss government adopting liberal migration arrangements, payment to the EU budget and for the European Court of Justice to have greater jurisdiction over Swiss law. This has come at our time when British – relations with the EU are warming after our departure from the political bloc. 


Considering these political developments with a globalist prime minister and pro-EU chancellor, we will be discussing has our government now given up on Brexit as our government seeks closer ties with the EU. The government of Rishi Sunak has not given our nation a vision of Britain as an independent, sovereign, and prosperous nation. As Christians who love our nation how should we respond? 


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23 Nov 2022

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