Handling the Economy: What would you do

Liz Truss has announced she wants to reverse the ban on fracking; do you think this is a good or bad idea? Why or why not?

What are your views on solar and nuclear power to produce energy? 

Are you struggling with the rise in inflation? How can we help those in need of financial help? 

If you were the Prime Minister, how would you handle the economy?

Howard & Nikki want to hear from you on all these topics in relation to the current financial situation. They will be live and interactive on The Late Show tonight at 10pm and they are inviting you to phone in and share your views and opinions on what Liz Truss is setting out to do, but also what you would do!

This programme will be full of information and statistics to get you thinking about handling the economy and what would you do?

21 Sep 2022

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