Truly the United Kingdom is blessed to have a Monarch such as Queen Elizabeth. When she was born in 1926, the world was a very different place to what it is today. Her father, King George V1, died on the 6thFebruary 1952, and a young 25-year old Princess Elizabeth was thrust into the limelight and ascended to become Queen. A year later at her Coronation service on the 2nd June 1953, she promised to serve her country and the countries of the Commonwealth and to uphold Protestantism. How well she has done that for seventy years and the country have loved her and appreciated her service to the nation.


As she was presented with the Bible from the moderator of the Church of Scotland, he said to her: 

‘Our gracious Queen: to keep your Majesty ever mindful of the law and the Gospel of God as the Rule for the whole life and government of Christian Princes, we present you with this Book, the most valuable thing that this world affords. Here is Wisdom; This is the royal Law; These are the lively Oracles of God’.


Every year during her Christmas message the Queen showed her ability to capture the mood of the nation as she shared from her heart. In her last Christmas message, she spoke from her heart about missing her beloved husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, but still spoke of the joy of Christmas, even without her husband’s mischievous twinkle. She told us she loves singing Christmas carols, as long as the tune is well-known. She shared how she enjoys watching films even where we already know the ending. Her family clearly means so much to her. Every Christmas she has never failed to mention her faith, and the importance the Lord Jesus Christ has meant to her.


We honour our Queen and thank her for being our Queen. Today we pray for her. We pray for members of her family as they gather at Balmoral Castle.


Gordon Pettie

08 Sep 2022

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