Could Israel meet Europes energy needs

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett will be interviewing Israeli International Natural Gas Expert and University Lecturer Gina Cohen. Gina will be sharing her life story being born in Westminster and how her stepfather was a Member of Parliament and how she made Aliyah to Israel in the early 1970s. She shares how she started to work for British Gas and how they discovered natural gas off the coast of Israel in 2000. 


We will be discussing how the combination of Russia’s war in the Ukraine and Russia reducing the supply of natural gas to Europe combined with Europe’s obsession in pursuing renewable sources of Energy has plunged the continent into an energy crisis. 


Now with Israel together with Egypt and Cyprus could help meet Europe gas needs by potentially supplying 20 % of Europe’s energy needs. We will be talking about how Israel is a light to the nations with the large discoveries of natural gas in the Mediterranean of Israel coastline could come to rescue Europe. 


Please join us on Friday at 9 pm on The Middle East Report.

24 Nov 2022

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