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Why do bad dreams come to pass

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and Yemi will be looking at why bad dreams come to pass.

Some have terrible dreams, and pray for them not to come to pass, yet they do come to pass. The question is why?

We will be looking at dreams from a biblical perspective. What to do whether a dream is good or bad. This programme will help you determine what to do on all occasions.

We will be looki...

28 Sep 2021

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Dare to be a Daniel

Do you find it challenging to bring the presence of God into your workplace and still retain your integrity? Daniel, a prophet and top politician, did it. He consistently exercised a godly influence, served under a number of emperors, and dealt effectively with a wide range of difficult moral choices.

The book of Daniel gives us insights into what is happening in the world today and pointers a...

28 Sep 2021

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Dr Grady is Back To Answer Your Questions

Tonight on the Q&A Show Live, Dr Grady McMurtry is back to answer your questions. 

Cyrus will be on the red sofa ready to read out your emails to Dr Grady so you can have answers. 

The Q&A Show, a popular programme on Revelation TV gives you, our viewers, the ability to get involved in the programme and seek answers from our experts. 

 Dr. Grady S. McMurtry is an American Christian apologist...

27 Sep 2021

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Pauls inspired prayer for the Philippians

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V3 to V11 

Join the Bible Study team tonight at 9pm, where they will be doing a detailed verse by verse study of Paul's inspired prayer for the Philippians. 

They will be discussing their fellowship in the Gospel, and how God's grace enables them to persevere in faith and grow spiritually.

The God, who has begun a good work in us, will surely complete it in the...

27 Sep 2021

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What was your favourite programme this week

Join Nikki tonight at 9pm for Best Bits of the week! 

What was your favourite programme? Could it have been Time For Revelation where Howard and Lesely gave us an update of all what is happening on the channel and a sneak peek of the inside of the Revelation International Centre? 

Perhaps the testimony on Insight Live from an ex-criminal who went from guns to God inspired you or you rejoiced ...

25 Sep 2021

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Is the Iranian Regime about to achieve Nuclear Breakout

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, we will be discussing how the Islamic Republic of Iran is reportedly only 8-10 weeks from obtaining the weapons -grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon. If you thought the crisis in Afghanistan with the Taliban taking over the country was bad? Then the news that the Iranian regime is only weeks away can only be described as a horrific ni...

24 Sep 2021

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The Latest Update on the Building and much more

Join Howard and Lesley tonight at 9pm, for a live & interactive Time for Revelation. 

August is always very slow for donations, so they would like to update you about where we currently are and what we need to do to catch-up. 

Additinally, they will be giving you the latest update on the building and asking for your prayers that we will be in the new International Centre in October. 

They wi...

23 Sep 2021

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What Does The Governments Winter Covid19 Strategy Mean For Us

In this edition of Politics Today we discuss the government’s proposed winter Covid19 strategy and what it will mean for all of us. Boris Johnson our Prime Minister has not ruled out national lock down’s, compulsory face mask wearing, social distancing, working from home and vaccination passports. What is so controversial is the government’s decision to enforce vaccinations on school children f...

23 Sep 2021

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Guide to the Bible

If you watched Howard's special programme on The Late Show, you would've seen his chart to help others understand the chronological timeline to the bible. 

Howard and Tim posed the question "Why are we so reluctant to accept we're living in the end times?" - a programme detailed with information in relation to the Book of Revelation and understanding it. 

Below you can find your own copy of t...

23 Sep 2021

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The ongoing genocide against Christians in Nigeria

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing the ongoing genocide against Christians living in Northern Nigeria, in which the world is silent and apathetic to their plight. To make matters worse Islamist terrorists now feel more emboldened to carry out more terror attacks without any restraint after Taliban defeated US forces in Afghanistan.
For over a decade the Chri...

22 Sep 2021

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