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Eva Williamson
Dear All at Revelation TV,

I cannot tell you how very dear your programmes are to me. It is 'water to a thristy soul' and I truly mean that. I am 86 years of age with a daughter with learning difficulties (Linda 57 years old) so I cannot get to services much and we have not a good Evangelical Church here, our church is for the younger generation, which is good I know. Therefore Revelation TV is our church. I love you all. I do support you by Direct Debit but here's a little bit extra as I know you need it. Howard and his wife, Gordon and Lorna and everyone are like my family. I love you all with Christian love.

May I request your prayers, for my eldest daughter who had polio when she was 10 years old, now has had to have a Colostromy, her name is Carol. Also my second daughter Denices, who has M.S. (inceidently I have six daughters) also Linda who lives with me. We need and value your prayers.
07 November 2011
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