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Ally & Mike
To all who work at Revelation TV,

We believe that it is vital that you are able to carry on with your work, spreading the word about Jesus and have enclosed something to help with the everyday costs. Your mission must not be allowed to fail, keep up the good work and continue spreading the word.

Although I was born a Christian, my own journey toward a better understanding has only just begun, even though I'm fast approaching my 'sell by' date, thanks mostly to my Wife's prompting, she has me as an additional mission in life!

It is suprising just how if someone mentions the name of Jesus Christ, even in a derogative way they have made the target audience aware of our Lord, which is just what He wants. I find it amusing that the ant brigade can be doing our Lords work without realising it, the devil must be fuming.

May God Bless you all and your families, and all at Revelation TV, in promotiong the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many Blessings, and prayers,

Love Ally and Mike.
24 November 2011
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