Netanyahu comes to London with a warning regarding Iran

by Nick

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This week the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to London for his first direct talks with Thresa May in 10 Downing street. At the top of thier agenda was the danger posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iran Deal that was designed to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Last week Iran demonstrated that its hatred for Israel has not diminished as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards test fired two medium range ballistic missiles with the chilling slogan “Israel should be wiped off the earth.” inscribed on each one. This act of provocation was designed to show Israel that their missiles are targeting the Jewish state. This missile test was a clear violation of the nuclear agreement Iran signed with the west. This was a warning to the international community that they should not be trusted.

The Israeli Prime Minister hoped that the British Prime Minister Theresa May would follow the lead of the new US President Donald Trump in imposing fresh sanctions on the Iranian regime for its ballistic missile test. His ambition is to establish a new American – British – Israeli axis against Iran.