Casey Report: the dangers of mass immigration

by Nick

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This week the British government published a groundbreaking report on immigration and integration in British society. It sent shockwaves throughout Whitehall and rocked the liberal establishment. The report produced by Dame Louise Casey for the Department for Communities and Local Government was commission by the former prime minister David Cameron and former home secretary Theresa May to review the impact of mass immigration on our society.

Now for the first time in over two decades there is an openness to discuss the dangers of Islamisation and uncontrolled mass immigration. Previous British governments and the liberal establishment have sought to label those who spoke out on these issues as racists or bigots. They used political correctness to closedown debate on these important issues.

The report gives disturbing evidence that some 75% of British Muslims living in ghettos across the country, lead such separate lives that they believe the UK is an Islamic country. It was also found that most think that the majority of the UK population share their faith and beliefs.