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Dr. Richard Kent

Richard Kent is a Trustee of the Revelation Foundation

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Dr Richard Kent is a retired GP. He is now delighted to be a trustee of Revelation TV. Richard is an evangelist, and has worked in 27 countries. In 2009 Lesley Conder kindly asked Richard to work on Revelation TV instead of travelling so much! Richard now works only on Revelation TV! Richard currently presents To The Point with Birgit Whelan. Richard also presents Richard’s Fun Facts, short videos mostly on the Human Body, and Creation. Richard strongly believes that science supports Creation, and that evolution is totally fraudulent! Richard’s two evangelistic books on Near Death Experiences may be downloaded free from Birgit’s and Richard’s website The books have also been translated into many languages, and made into two films, The Lazarus Phenomenon and The Final Frontier. Richard and Val’s charity supports prison work in the Philippines, and orphanages in South East Asia.

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