Revelation TV is a multi-award winning Christian television channel which broadcasts to the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

When we established Revelation Television we were given a clear vision by God. It was to establish a Christian television station which will:

• Present the gospel of Christ and seek to make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20).

• Pursue excellence in the areas of production and presentation, using the latest technology.

• Maximise the participation of the viewers in all our programs.

• Seek to address the issues of the day, giving them a uniquely Christian perspective.

• Equip the Church to counter the increasing secularisation of our society.

• Seek to encourage and equip God’s people for the work of mission (Ephesians 4:12).

• Be a prophetic voice and not be afraid to take on the centres of power and authority.

• Be a voice in support of the Jewish people and nation of Israel.

As organisations grow they inevitably change, however, the original vision remains the same and needs to be re-iterated. In recent days we have been reflecting on the vision God gave us and how it needs to be implemented in the coming days.

• We need to refocus more on the quality and content of our in-house programmes. They will be well researched and presented. There will be fewer adverts freeing up space for RTV promos and short creative and thought provoking specials.

• New programs will be commissioned. The criteria that we will use to judge the merit of a new programme, will be the vision that God has given us.

• Viewer interaction remains an important part of the vision given to us by God and it therefore needs to remain a central part of all our programmes. We will continue to develop the technology and provide the production staff to ensure that this happens.

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